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Franz Viehböck Young Investigator Prize

Each year the Institute of Applied Physics at the TU Wien awards the Franz Viehböck Young Investigator Prize. This Prize carries the name of the founder of our institute, Prof. Franz Viehböck (director 1970 – 1987). It is endowed with EURO 1.500,- . The prize money can be used to cover travel expenses for conference visits or stays abroad at the discretion of the prize winner.

List of Franz Viehböck Young Investigator Prize winners

From 2020, in addition to the main prize, up two to three appreciation prizes (€500 travel expenses) are generally awarded:

  • 2020 Caroline Kopittke and David Rath
  • 2021 Martina Fellinger and Simon Jaritz
  • 2022 Florian Altmann and Johannes Brötzner
  • 2023 Julia Linert, Alexander Redl and Anezka Majkova

Franz Viehböck

Franz Viehböck

Em.o.Univ.-Prof. Dr.phil.

(29.11.1923 - 11.12.2020†)

Director of Institut für Allgemeine Physik (1970 - 1987)

Photos Gallery of Prize Winners

Christian Cupak Valentina Wieser Lena Haager Markus Felber Alexander Syboeck.jpeg

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