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71 IUVSTA Workshop on Characterisation of Nanostructures by means of Electron Beam Techniques

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June 24-28, 2013
Schloss Hernstein/30 km from Vienna, Austria
organized by
Wolfgang Werner
IAP (Institute of Applied Physics), TU Wien, Austria

Cedric J Powell
NIST (National Institute for Standards and Technology), US

Mihaly Novak
ULB (Universite Libre de Bruxelles), Belgium

Local Organisation

Manuela Marik , Organisation Executive (Institute for Applied Physics, TU Wien)
Christoph Eisenmenger Sittner, Finances (Institute for Solid State Physics, TU Wien)
Wilhelm Hofer, IT (Institute for Applied Physics, TU Wien)

Preliminary Announcement

This is the announcement for the 71 IUVSTA Workshop on Characterisation of Nanostructures by means of Electron Beam Techniques, which will take place at the Castle Herrnstein (30 km from Vienna), Austria from June 24th to 28th, 2013


There is an increasing need for precise characterisation of nanostructured surfaces. While novel techniques have been introduced for this purpose in the recent past, some of which are specifically developed to measure under ambient conditions to bridge the pressure gap, the full potential of conventional surface analysis techniques employing electron beams for nanometrology is presently not exploited. These techniques, such as (Hard) X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (HAXPES), (Near Field Emission) Electron Microscopy, Auger Electron Spectroscopy and others, can in principle be used to calibrate dimensions on the nanoscale –in particular along the depth scale, which is difficult to achieve by any other means– by utilising the attenuation of electron beams. Some of the techniques mentioned above can in addition provide chemical information along with information on the dimensions of nanoobjects and therefore provide unique information which is very valuable for nanoscience and technology.
At present, there is still a lack of quantitative understanding on the transport of electrons in nanostructures which prevents the potential of such techniques for nanostructure metrology to be fully harnessed. In order to improve upon this situation, several topics within this field are presently areas of active research. These include:

  • Measurement and calculation of fundamental quantities needed for nanoscale calibration by means of electron beam attenuation
  • Influence of nanomorphology and manybody effects on electron transport
  • Optimisation of experimental approaches and quantitative data interpretation.

The aim of this specialized IUVSTA workshop is to bring together leading scientists as well as newcomers to the field that are involved in the different topics of relevance and to work out guidelines along which the field can advance most rapidly.
Workshop structure: The duration of the workshop will be 4 days. The scientific program will consist of invited lecturers from selected worldwide recognized groups. Round tables will be organized to discuss recent results and future trends in nanostructure characterisation. A poster session is scheduled for contributed papers in the historical rooms of the Castle in the evenings. The total number of participants is limited to 70. The venue garantuees an event in which intensive interaction will take place throughout the workshop during scientific as well as social events.


All participants will be accommodated in the Castle Hernstein (Austria) in single and double-bed rooms (all with shower/bath, WC and TV). We only have a certain limited number of rooms at our disposal and therefore urge you to fill out the online-registration form as soon as possible. The number of single rooms is limited. If possible please indicate a room-mate, with whom you would like to share your room. All registration will be done strictly on a first come - first serve basis.

The Symposium will start in the evening of Monday, June 24, 2013 with a welcome reception starting at 18:00 PM, before dinner. You should therefore plan to arrive on Monday evening the latest. However, arrival on Sunday June 23rd, 2013 is possible for an additional fee (this includes dinner at Sunday evening).

Upon registration, you will receive the conference programme booklet together with the final program. Full board for participants arriving on Monday starts on Monday evening with dinner. The scientific program runs from Tuesday morning till Friday at noon.

Important notice: it will not be possible to extend your stay at the Castle Herrnstein after the end of the conference. If you wish to stay in the Vienna area or if your return flight is on saturday, you will have to book a room elsewhere Hotels in city center (in German). There are a few hotels loacted directly at the aiport (such as the nh- vienna aiport hotel) which is connected to the city centre by a 20-min train trip (airport-city center transfer(in german)).


Abstracts of contributions to the scientific program during the poster session as well as invited lectures will be compiled in a programme booklet. Abstracts are expected to arrive no later than May 22nd, 2013 and should be submitted electronically. For preparation and submission follow the instructions on our abstract submission page.


The all-inclusive conference fee for this workshop is

Euro 700.- for participants, payment before May 15th 2013
Euro 750.- for participants, payment AFTER May 15th 2013
Euro 600.- for accompanying persons sharing a room with a participant
Euro 140.- additional fee for arrival on Sunday, June 23rd, 2013 (accommodation and full board)

To guarantee your participation, payment of the conference fee is due until June 15th 2013.
Registration without receipt of payment at this date will be automatically cancelled.
Instructions for paying the conference fee.

Contact: [email address: lastname @ this server · enable javascript to see it]

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