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Optical Spectroscopy

The equipment available permits optical emission spectroscopy in the UV, visible and near infrared ranges from 185 to 1100 nm. A spectrometer with CCD camera permits to record the whole range in one shot, while a classical spectrograph with cooled photo multiplier has a resolution better than 0,2 nm and single photon detection capability. An optional integral Fabry-Perrot interferometer is used for line shape studies with pico-meter resolution.
CCD-Spectrometer: OceanOptics HR4000 with HC-1 grating time resolution of 10μs and spectral resolution of 0,5nm is achieved in the range of 185 to 1100 nm.

Our interferometer.


Spectrograph: 1 m focal length Cerny-Turner Spectrograph with a spectral range of 185 to 900 nm and a resolution of 0,02 nm or better. A cooled photo multiplier detects singe photons with a time resolution better than 5 ns.
The Fabry-Perrot interferometer can be inserted into the spectrograph for very high resolution studies.
Remark: The use of fiber optical cables restricts the lower wave length limit to 230 nm.