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Animation of sputtering

Molecular-dynamics simulations for 1 keV Ar+ → Cu(111) by Gerhard Betz; Animation by Michael Schmid. The simulation shows one arbitrary event with three ejected Cu atoms (one single atom, one dimer). Other Ar+ impact events can result in ejection of zero to many more Cu atoms, with an average (sputter yield) around 2–3.

  • Overview — What it looks like from the outside
  • Energies — The energy of the incoming ion gets transferred to the target atoms.
  • The Collision Cascade — See the trajectories of the atoms
  • Radiation damage — Note that intermixing affects much more atoms than sputtering! This makes it clear why you can't get layer-by-layer removal by sputtering.

Copyright: Free use for students and teaching; distribution via media of any kind and commercial use with permission only.

Program for TPD analysis

Updated version the program published as supporting material of the paper Analysis of temperature-programmed desorption via equilibrium thermodynamics by M. Schmid, G. S. Parkinson, and U. Diebold, ACS Phys. Chem. Au 2 (2022), doi: 10.1021/acsphyschemau.2c00031. The program can simulate TPD spectra assuming a lattice gas of adsorbates and it can also calculate the adsorption energy distribution from an experimental TPD spectrum at saturation coverage. The zip archive also contains a list of changes and the plotly library. If this library (plotly-latest.min.js) is saved in the same directory as the html file, the local version of the library will be used, and an internet connection will not be needed to see the plot(s).

This program is also available online.

Replacing Savitzky–Golay filters

There is an error in one of the programs supplied as Supporting Information of M. Schmid et al., Why and How Savitzky–Golay Filters Should Be Replaced, ACS Meas. Sci. Au 2, 185 (2022): The method savitzkyGolayBandwidth() is incorrect in WeightedSavitzkyGolaySmoother.java (it is correct in the two other java files). A corrected version is available here:

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