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Research Overview

Main Areas of Research

  • Sensors and Measurement Technology
    • Development of sensors and measuring devices
      • for various non-electric measurands: e.g., viscosity of fluids
      • for sparkling wine production: yeast quality, fermentation parameters
    • Laser measuring techniques for medical applications
    • Real-time data acquisition and control systems
      • for imaging and control of single atoms in a cavity
  • Ultrasonics
    • Online monitoring of tribological contacts by acoustic emission
    • Industrial measuring techniques: gas flow, exhaust mass flow
    • Medical applications: blood monitoring
    • Filtration: particle-fluid separation, emulsion splitting (oil-water, …)
  • Analyses and Mathematical Simulations
    • Rheological investigations: flow characteristics of crude oil
    • Damage of rolling bearings due to electric current passage
    • Cable oscillations of chair lifts and cable cars
    • Modelling and analysis of piezoelectric multi-layer resonators
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