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Time-resolved ion-position-detection system

We use a position sensitive detector (PSD) system to record time-dependent deflection of ions. The detector consists of a multi-channel-plate (MCP) in chevron configuration and a wedge-and-strip anode. Calibration image taken with the PSD For data procession we use a 4 parameter analog-digital-converter system with buffered CAMAC bus interface for readout.

The count-rate of events is corrected for dead-time effects and can be used up to about 40000 1/s. The nominal lateral resolution is of the order of 50 microns. The timing resolution is of the order of 10 milliseconds, which allows us to study the charging or discharging of insulating materials due to bombardment with multiple-charged ions. The detector has an active area of 50 mm diameter.

Recently, this set-up has been used to measure ions guided through a macroscopic glass capillary.

Contact: Gregor Kowarik

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