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Appraisal interviews are a common element of a modern professional organisation. Typically, the interview is conducted annually between the head of an organisational unit and each member of the staff.

The interview takes typically 1 hour per staff member. It is strictly confidential and will be prepared by both sides based on the points listed in the form. Short minutes will be taken, with one copy for the staff member and the other for the head of the institute. In the future university-wide regulations are expected, stating the archiving of the minutes of future interviews.

Topics of the interview are:

  1. Review: Work and achievements during the last year, duties, occupational conditions
  2. Cooperation: Problems and misunderstanding, mutual appraisal and criticism
  3. Outlook: Goals, plans and tasks for the coming year, medium term career planning
  4. Personal Development: Participation in courses, conferences, summer-schools, etc.

Normally under the topic 3 objectives for the coming year would be agreed upon. This however only makes sense, if objectives are agreed between the university and the institute. This is not (yet) the case. Once the system of appraisal interviews is fully implemented, part 4 will go to the personnel department to courses, etc. Nevertheless there are variety of courses arranged in house and funds are available to fund external courses (for the non-scientific staff).

The present form is a one-size-fits-all and consequently will not fit anyone perfectly. Not all points are relevant for everybody. In future, official forms will be available for different groups.

The appraisal talk should not be confounded with the evaluation of the scientific staff. Professors and permanent staff members with “venia docendi” will be evaluated by the dean every five years, all others by the head of institute in intervals depending on the duration of the contract. Presently, there is no decree of the Rektor, defining the detailed procedure of the evaluation.

Consequently, the appraisal interview is a partially structured discussion without formal consequences, serving to improve the communication.

Major advantages of the appraisal interview are:

  • Mutual feedback promotes a culture of openness
  • Direct contact with some distance from daily working routine
  • Possibility to discuss topics, usually buried in the daily routine
  • Learning the point of view of the other person
  • Communication independent from hierarchy


Form Appraisal Interview

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