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Seminar Dates SS 2024

05.03.2024 Dr Sven Barth, University of Frankfurt (FB FE extern): Nano-Printing using Charged Particle Beams: Precursors, Processing and Hybrid Approaches; abstract erhalten, Aussendung erfolgte

12.03.2024 Jeong-Joo Oh, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands (FB WI/van Nieuwenhoven extern):; abstract erhalten, Aussendung erfolgte

19.03.2024 M. Werl & L. Radovanovic (FB WI intern)

vorlesungsfreie Zeit: 26.03.2024 Prof. Nan Jiang, University of Illinois/Chicago (FB PA/BL extern): Probing Chemistry at the Ångström-Scale via Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Combined Tip-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy; abstract erhalten, Aussendung erfolgte



23.04.2023 Stefan Uttenthaler (FA PA intern): Evolution and Observation of Red Giant Stars → mglw Tausch FB VR Gast aus USA


07.05.2024 Dr. Marcel Himmerlich (CERN) (Gast FB WI/WE):

14.05.2024 Jeppe Vang Lauritsen, Aarhus University (FB PA extern): Structure, Adsorption and (Electro)-Catalytic Properties Investigated at the Atomic Scale using Surface Science : From mixed metal oxides to single-atom catalysts




18.06.2024 Prof. Friedrich Esch from TU Munich (FB PA extern):


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