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Some not so usual photographs from my private collection. For a gallery of images from my professional work, see the The IAP/TU Wien STM Gallery (older work) and the other Surface Physics pages (more recent work).

Solar Eclipses

2008-08-01 solar eclipse 2006-03-29 solar eclipse 2011-01-04 solar eclipse 2015-03-20 solar eclipse

You won't find images of the total eclipse on August 11, 1999 - I did not want to waste even seconds of the short totality for taking images that have to be much inferior than those of really good photographers, e.g. Miloslav Druckmüller

More Astronomy

Mars, 2003-Sept-18 Transit of Venus, 2004-June-08 Transit of Venus at surise, 2012-June-06 Time series of the transit of Venus, 2012-June-06

More to come if I find time…


The view from a high mountain (Weissmies) in the rare case of perfect weather…
Also available with full resolution (2.7 MB)

… and another panorama – hundreds of peaks seen from the Hocharn
To read the names of the peaks, you need the full size-image (5.6 MB), almost 20000 pixels wide (stretch your display!)

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