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Atomic collisions


Atomic orbitals In the past we have also studied ion-atom and ion-molecule collisions of relevance for fusion- or astrophysical plasmas:

  • Projectiles: Singly and multiply charged ions
  • Targets: Alkali atoms (Li, Na), molecules (e.g. H2, N2, O2, CO)
  • Processes: Electron capture, target excitation and ionization
  • Methods: Translational energy spectroscopy, photon spectroscopy, Atomic orbital close coupling calculations

Selected reprints

Ion-atom collisions

F. Aumayr, M. Gieler, J. Schweinzer, H. Winter and J.P. Hansen
Electron capture in He2+ collisions with aligned Na*(3p) atoms
Physical Review Letters 68 (1992) 3277 - 3280

M. Gieler, F. Aumayr and L. Windholz
Coherent population trapping probed by charge exchange reactions
Physical Review Letters 69 (1992) 3452 - 3454

R. Brandenburg, J. Schweinzer, F. Aumayr and HP. Winter
Li(2pā†2s) excitation by impact of slow ions
Journal of Physics B: At.Mol.Opt.Phys. 31 (1998) 2585 - 2599

Ion-molecule collisions

P. Leputsch, D. Dumitriu, F. Aumayr, and HP. Winter
Final vibrational state resolved single elctron capture for impact of 1 keV C2+ on H2, N2, O2 and CO
J. of Physics B: At.Mol.Opt.Phys. 30 (1997) 5009 - 5024

Atomic data for fusion

K. Igenbergs, J. Schweinzer, I. Bray, D. Bridi, and F. Aumayr
Database for Inelastic Collisions of Sodium Atoms with Electrons, Protons, and Multiply Charged Ions
Atomic Data and Nuclear Data Tables 94 (2008) 981 ā€“ 1014

J. Schweinzer, R. Brandenburg, I. Bray, R. Hoekstra,, F. Aumayr, R.K. Janev and HP. Winter
Database for inelastic collisions of lithium atoms with electrons, protons and multiply charged ions
Atomic Data and Nuclear Data Tables 72 (1999) 239 - 273

D. Wutte, R.K. Janev 8) , F. Aumayr, M. Schneider, J. Schweinzer 9) , J.J. Smith 8) and HP. Winter
Cross sections for Collision Processes of Li atoms interacting with electrons, protons, multicharged ions and hydrogen molecules
Atomic Data and Nuclear Data Tables 65 (1997) 155 - 180

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